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SwiftKey Keyboard Free Emoji + Theme monetary Svyyf Apk Download

Hacked version SwiftKey Keyboard extra money with all the themes and Premium

(More than 130 themes even themes Android monetary and material Series 5 Lollipop)

This edition is dedicated volume 145 MB

And 32 MB is quite different

In addition, a customized version requires no sin to be easily installed!

Apktops first new diffuser hacked version of SwiftKey

SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the best and most well constructed and beautiful keyboards ever made ​​for Android phones. The keyboard, as you can see in the pictures of the type that simply pulling your index finger on the button and type letters.

SwiftKey Keyboard Without a doubt the best Android keyboard is the default keyboard if your phone is SwiftKey Keyboard We offer unnoticed.The keyboard has a nice hacked version theme is a different experience than a keyboard for you to bring.


Swift keyboard has a feature that distinguishes it from other keyboards:

  • Sensitivity and high performance
  • Intelligently recognize letters you type
  • The quick correction of misspelled words,
  • Support of all world languages ​​including Farsi
  • Very beautiful appearance
  • There are two versions for tablets and smartphones
  • Skin super cute and fit different tastes

Functionality mode version:

  • Has more than 120 themes pre-installed monetary

important points:

  1. For the language you need (including Persian) in the first entry into the software, connect to the Internet and choose the desired language, the language by downloading a few kilobytes of the application server, the keys will be added.

Note: The new release is no need to sign the following tutorial is for informational purposes only.

Education Sign up: (If you do not sign the application can not be installed on your phone)

Zipsigner your software is downloaded and installed on your Android phone and open it.

Swiftkey Android app apk file to your SD card and transfer data in the Input address:


Output at the local address that is to be signed file where they choose and at this stage the extension Apk file name to change and then click Sign The File option.


After a few seconds the signed file you can see in the address that you specified is installed:


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