One of the most common methods of manufacturing of electronics, especially e-learning software,computer applications, using professional software for video capture and record all moments of the screen is completely multimedia. Select software is simple, but powerful, high-quality and ability to provide this training is a main condition for success in this direction.
TechSmith software company one of the most prominent companies in the field of application software for video and photo shoot like this with a Mac impulsivity very high for small companies and large corporations and has two products is a very powerful expensive and called SnagIt (special photo of the monitor) and Camtasia Studio (special video monitor), the most famous in the world of software has achieved.
Camtasia Studio and reliable solution for the creation of educational films Multimedia is facing a lot of different users in three areas of professional recording, editing and publishing professional’s career, he any software lateral Who needs it. In addition, this software along with numerous capabilities of electronics manufacturing, electronics and multimedia Mfydyst able to create tests that adds to its importance.

General Features Software TechSmith Camtasia Studio:
– Record Anything: easy to produce films for the education of, demos and lectures and other streaming Online and the Mac endless opportunities. You can always different ways such as:
Screen recordings, audio, voice, Narration, PowerPoint, Picture-in-Picture and Webcam Video in touch with their audience.
– Edit and Enhance: the ability to edit and enhance your Video by: posts, titles, proportions, large and small pictures, motion and sound Graphic added. Due to the vastness and Camtasia Studio Option by the editing is so high that all your needs will be on hand.
– Share: Ability to various outputs such as: Flash, QuickTime, and other common Format
You can then output your File sharing on the Web, CD or DVD here. You can even offer guidance in choosing the best settings for the Format and sharing to help define your audience. Full Control on or even you are able to voice, video Codecs, image quality, image transmission rate, color depth, and inclusion or exclusion of special effects here.
Key features of Software TechSmith Camtasia Studio:
– Record all or part of the page
– Capture WebCam
– Record voice or sound input into the System
– Record all data elements provided by PowerPoint
Includes: Slide timing, Animations and Voice Narration
– Click the Record Mouse and keyboard strokes
– Capture the only one Frame for still images in AVI Slideshow
– Phasing out to determine the Recording helpful for users
– Offering to provide a Video Codec TechSmith new series of high performance and simplicity for Recording
– Preview the previous steps for an Audio Recording
– Record sound from Microphone Input
– Add the hacked and posted on images
– Add text, even when recording
– Add and change text in ScreenPad Shapes
– Add Shadow
– Use time-lapse recording
– Record annotation Drawings with ScreenDraw

Edit and Enhance:
– Add images from Digital video file for personal production outputs: WMV, MPEG and AVI
– Add Audio pieces include: WAV and MP3
– Add images include: BMP, JPG and GIF
– Select or Cut off part of Video
– Select a picture frame for Tfyk a Video of 2
– Zoom in on the Timeline for accuracy in single Frame
– Select the output of a Frame with BMP
– Editing, revision, slice and add AVI clips
– Verify your changes in real-time editing for
– Change the size and resolution of the Preview Window
– Use the new Image 18 images
– And the …

Standard Format of output with a common world:
Macromedia Flash, AVI, Microsoft Windows Media, RealNetworks RealMedia and QuickTime
– Create Production Wizard and donor selection capability Features
– Output animated GIF
– Output EXE file with Pack and Show
– Multiple Video output at a time with batch production
– List of the codec selection to match the content
– Select the color depth and speed