Download Tecplot 360 EX 2015 R1 x86 / x64 + RS 2015 R2 x64 - charting application data DVD cf.

Fluid Dynamics is one of the branches of the very useful and comprehensive Mac Anik fluid. The subject matter in the field of science, how to handle liquids and gases to move under the influence of various factors is. Study the behavior of fluids (at motion and at rest) should be the most important part of the old mechanics (mechanics
Classic), physics, applied mathematics, and science, technology, engineering into account. CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) thirty FDA (CFD) is one of the largest Zmynhhayyst old mechanics capabilities of modern computer science and computing in the second half of the twentieth century and the new century AD connects .dynamyk Science Computational Fluid flow forecasting fluid, heat transfer, mass transfer, chemical reactions, and related phenomena by solving mathematical equations that express the laws of physics, using a numerical process. Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis of the systems, including fluid flow, heat transfer and associated phenomena, such as chemical reactions is based on computer simulation. CFD method is very capable, so that a wide range of industrial applications and embraces non-industrial.

Software Tecplot 360 CFD is one of the most powerful tools in the field of charting data on Wii Macmechanical orientation is used for heat and fluids. Among the applications of this software can be used to numerical simulation with 360-degree views, analysis and calculation of the network , extraction flow field functions, such as pressure coefficient, the convergence solution and estimate its accuracy and so on.

Tecplot RS gives engineers the ability to manage and analyze simulation data as well as the discovery of important decisions and applied to the trade repositories have more confidence in. The software’s advanced tools in the field of computation, three-dimensional drawing and animation in the field of fluid dynamics model provides engineers and students.

A key feature of the software Tecplot:
– Offering professional tools in the area of ​​computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
– Calculation of normal values ​​and data network
– Numerical simulation with 360 ° views
– Data analysis and calculation of network
– Check convergence solution and estimate its accuracy
– Extraction flow field functions, such as pressure factor
– Production of animated images
– Produce high-quality output
– View the error experimental data to help chart
– Draw a variety of charts and sophisticated forms XY, 2D and 3D
– Delete an object in the water and watch it
– Use of macros and equipment
– Production of pieces automatically
– Calculation of normal values ​​and data network
– Analysis of the data processing solution
– Analyze the data
– Create charts and high-quality vector output for Plaid
– Extraction flow field functions, such as pressure factor
– And …