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Temple Run 2 v1.19.2 Mode Apk Download

The game is very popular and the popular Temple Run 2

The gameplay is very fun and addictive

One of the most popular mobile games record of nearly 500 million downloads of Google!

With a score of 4.3 out of 5

A product of the studio Imangi Studios America

The regular version + Version mode with a video game launch trailer

Runner comes when the name of the game in the genre, which will undoubtedly shine the name of the game Temple Run game will be a part of it. Temple Run game is so popular that it can be considered representative Running style. Of course, the main rival of the game Subway Surfers game is. Although the style was very popular after the introduction of these two games, but the two games in the first letter of their style. Temple Run 2 is the second episode of the game series that ran from temple to the popularity of the first part of the millions of players around the world and could face ever closer to the 500 million downloads!


Features :

  • Decent graphics to volume ratio
  • The gameplay is smooth and fast
  • Style game is very fun, challenging and addictive
  • There are different characters and ionic form
  • There are different places
  • Ability to use various facilities such as zip lines and …
  • Endless and record style

The new version features:

  • Added new characters like Bruce Lee, Usain Bolt, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones, Montana Smith, Zack Wonder, Guy Dangerous and …
  • Added new ionic form
  • Added new stages
  • Improved graphics
  • Added environmental elements
  • Added new obstacles
  • Added more special forces (Powerups)
  • Added power for each character
  • Larger and faster than the enemy (Big Monkey)

Play Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 as the most popular game Imangi Studios is located in North Carolina. After the success of the first part of this game and more than the previous recovery, demand was greater. Temple Run 2 in terms of the content of the story is not much different from the previous section and the overall focus of the story is about. The game set a record 100 million downloads in just one year. And now this amount is close to the magic number of 500 million downloads!

Imangi Studios for the Games has tried to make use of real characters. This update different characters over Temple Run 2 appeared. The most obvious figures added in the latest update of Temple Run 2 can be Bruce Lee, Zack Wonder, Usain Bolt said. Each character has its own characteristics and is unique. With more coins will be able to release new characters and unique capabilities to best use each.

But the story is that it can be partially attributed turning point it must be said that the content of the story, however, appeared to have no effect on the game, but for those who are interested in the story of the game, the charm and excitement donated more a. The story can be told too short. Regional pristine deep forests and mountains is unknown. At the heart of this land, a sacred temple there and very valuable.

Our hero in this strange place after a sightseeing trip and saw the golden mask and was very expensive! So he decides to remove the mask and escape from the area. But alas that not only masks but all the precious things of the temple guards fear they care … The guard knocked a huge monkey and wild, and as soon as you move you will be attacked. Now you take on the role of the hero and the other characters in the game Temple Run 2 must escape from this perilous situation and save their lives.

In this dangerous path must jump valleys, from zip lines to slip down and pass over obstacles. Temple guard a few meters behind you and chasing you and you can make any mistakes from the guard caught up in. This style game Endless and the main criterion that earn the most points and time (record) is. You can also collect gold and diamonds buy or ionic form new characters, better buy.

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