The Sims series of those where the player does not know is that it is unlikely that the high reputation thanks to its unique style. Rather than release a game for the first time established a common and popular genres, living together in the simulation. The first published version of the game that won high popularity, leading to progress and upcoming releases provided and the release of version control and full development of our simulations. Most remarkable is the fourth version of Ai above, the details of life, the high number of options to personalize your Sim’s appearance and character (a character that you have created) and more attention to the emotional ties with the previous version out.

The fourth edition of the has a style of play similar to earlier versions, but this time with much more detail various aspects of life puts at your disposal. You must create your own character and then she will appear in your tips! Supposed to work everyday and do your own style and your relationships with other people like you! It affects your behavior on this relationship. Each of the other members of the community with which you communicate and conduct their own interests and in this version is far higher than the version of AI is the same. EA has claimed that Ai Sim are renowned companies (human cloning) is so high that it would be strange for you! Like previous versions of the game does not follow any particular purpose, and you can feel free to reach your desired target as possible.