Download TheNewBoston Android Application Development - Creating Android apps
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The process of developing applications for the Android OS or Android Application Development is one of the most popular and profitable. The software side of Android usually written in Java, and to communicate with the underlying operating system may book Android Java home use. Android (Android) Android is now the most popular operating system listed by Google for smartphones and tablets is presented. Android is based on Linux operating system is designed and built. The user interface of the Android operating system is written in Java, and many Android apps are written in Java.
During the training the Android Application Developmen you are familiar with how to create Android apps.

Headlines training of:
1 – Download and install Java JDK
2 – Install and configure Eclipse ADT
3 – Install the Android SDK and set up the Emulator
4 – Setting up an Android project
5 – Overview of the project and add folders
6 – Introduction Layouts in XML
7 – Create a button in XML and add an ID
8 – Launch of variables and Referencing XML ids
9 – Set a button OnClickListener
10 – using setText to our button
11 – Adding resources and background
12 – Setting up an activity (Activity) and use SetContentView
13 – Introduction to Android Manifest
14 – the subject (he Framework of a Thread)
15 – How to start a new activity
16 – The lifecycle of an activity (Activity)
17 – Add music MediaPlaye
18 – Create a List Menu of class ListActivity
19 – Set a ArrayAdapter
20 – beginning with an object class
21 – ListActivity completion
22 – XML ​​basic text editing
23 – Concepts XML ToggleButton, WeightSum and Layout Weight
24 – XML ​​Padding and set Toggle (Toggle button) to On
25 – Quick Review by the launch of a new activity
26 – Czech review of Toggle (Toggle button)
27 – Setting the input type of a EditText
28 – Compare strings else if
29 – Set Gravity (Gravity) in Java
30 – Adjusting the color of a TextView in Java
31 – Mac it is proved that random variable
32 – Switch Concepts and Case
33 – Creating a Method
34 – Implement better programming class vote
35 – XML ​​ScrollView and AnalogClock
36 – Setting up an Email Activity
37 – How PutExtra method for an Email Intent
38 – XML ​​ImageView for Camera Application
39 – Start an activity to achieve a specific result
40 – the data (Data) from various activities
41 – to complete an application for camera or wallpapers (Wallpaper)
42 – Use BitmapFactory and InputStream to set Bitmap
43 – Set Fixed Screen Orientation
44 – relative layout XML (or XML Relative Layout)
45 – RadioButtons in a RadioGroup
46 – Set Radio for the event OnCheckedChangeListener
47 – linking activities and related tandem
48 – Get Bread String of activity
49 – Launch StartActivityForResult
50 – setResult to start after the outcome of other activities
– And …