Update version 1.5 (including five new plugin) was added.

Thief series and it has always been the story of its main character Garrett has managed well in the game,players take place. Despite the fact that the game maker Eidos Montreal studio is to emphasize that the Thief is a reboot of the series, but due to the demos we have seen so far it seems that the game is to maintain its previous DNA has been central to change. Thief takes place in a fantasy world, dark as well as the locations of most of the style of Steampunk and Victorian-era inspired. Garrett played the main character as a previous version, which has long been away from their homes after several years, but decided to go back and looking for a adventures. He is the son of the dark and always tries to steal out of the light, so that his works were not disclosed.

Perhaps the moral character of the main character  that makes him better than other thieves who are familiar with, is to distinguish Garrett collection also does not steal the wealth and capital, but also because he felt that he lies Majrajvyyay , it does and it also implies that the adventure dangerous Gareth  go and steal them. The great thing in this game there is a preliminary step to begin a new adventure.Thief in the demo we saw, saw him after he becomes a precious object, obtain magical powers, and after feeling the risk of discovery, ran leaves.
Gymply Within minutes, it was observed that some elements will be familiar to you earlier, you have to see them in other games. The main character of the game using their armed guards has the ability to predict the direction or even the method of moving objects as well informed, the ability to as “Focus Mode” and it is recognized I can say that foot fixed Almost games Stealth It is rare in the modern game style is apparent. Focus Mode did not stop, this feature plays the role of a Vision for Garrett, select the control you want to be the main character of the game is the ability to clear the tubes it will increased. This feature is only Pltfrmr the game does not end, but during the campaign because of these features may reduce the speed of movement and the struggle to pay more careful addition, it has’ll be able to see anatomy.- the enemies of the critical parts Stay on target! Magic and many other features are present in the game, each of which are widely used in every stage. Besides secret Games, Mini-Game that is embedded in the Thief is one of the most important features, for example, you may at some point have to open the vault door lock needs to be done fast and accurately.
Locations and locations where they will play games directly on Gymply service design process (Level Design) game is that the player must carefully consider places to hide away. Garrett carry weapons in the game that is most famous black jacket with them, and it is trying to guard the way it is unconscious. In addition, Tyrkmany placed in the game that can be studied from two aspects. The first aspect you can pay by destroying enemies or enemies that are able to focus on a stir. The ability to do that without any weapons, not your enemies Takedown. Gareth other modern weapons, Claw can be noted that those who are capable of building and go up from there, kill the enemies. Thief at the end of each stage to allow you to get by during the mission to bring the money to buy weapons that can even pay for your own you have upgrade. Another interesting point is that when you move from a dark place into the light, you get the picture with a flash that gives you this warning, you’re in a place you go to be identified. Finally Gymply game is designed so that players have a process that seeks to advance the choices.
Eidos Montreal techniques, graphics has used a lot, but next to it, the first thing that attracts attention is the great, the atmosphere is that it corresponds directly with Gymply game. Unreal Engine 3 has been used to build the game engine and, thanks to the power of the engine caused the games are well designed locations. In addition, the game is fully dynamic shadows appear and the secrecy is necessary for a title. It appears that the effects of embedded Nvrprdazyhayy to play, the game was pretty good and the atmosphere is consistent with them. Besides that, the Thief takes full advantage of the technical design, has a relatively good graphics art. Buildings that will meet during the Victorian era or even just remind you throw Astympank. Design enemies and NPC’s appearance is very good, and the clothes are designed for playing the main character, the details are good. The simulation was done by watches the elegance that perfectly evokes the sense of theft to the players. Due to the fact that this game is a Cross-Generation titles, so obviously they seem to be different than any other graphics every platform and in some platforms may not implement all the themes.
Music played by Mr. Luc St. Pierre made that are consistent with the game, in some situations you are part of our Stealth is quiet and playback when you detect the effects of music, which creates excitement in the players are faster. Perhaps one of the problems that may plague the Thief, the voice of the main character of the game. Stephen Russell in previous versions of Garrett’s voice was a task that was very successful.But after the introduction of a new version of the series, it was announced that he would no longer serve the voice Garrett and Mr Romano Orzari to replace him. Romano Orzari in the past as a Mo-Cap suppliers as Assassin’s Creed II, who, of course, was praised but the number of supporters also demanded that he should Thief is present and demanded the return of Stephen Russell, who later Eidos Montreal declared and gave comments on the subject. However, instead of the voice of the main character in the game has certainly hurt the body of the character. Before that, Ironside (voice of Sam Fisher) was not present in the latest version of Splinter Cell series and the new actor could do with a good offer, but never managed to appear imposing character Ironside as Sam Fisher. This event has already taken Garrett wrestle and if we want to be realistic, this is slightly marred the game.
Source: Game Center