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Toon Boom Studio (Toon Boom Studio) software for making great animated cartoon is two-dimensional and animated images. You can scan images or drawings used to build your animation, apply different color, music and sound to the TV added and coordinate them with the lips. The animation produced by the software can be found in a variety of formats for the web, Facebook, YouTube, iPad, iPhone, and create.
During the training of Toon Boom Studio 5 you take the powerful capabilities of this software application.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction
– User Interface Software
– Work with design tools
– The art of editing and editing tools works of art
– Import (Import) art images and video formats Software
– Working with texts and writing tools for creating and formatting text
– Familiarity with concepts of ink and color painting tools to improve building designs
– Set the production of animation (Scene), layers, selection and move and …
– Work that is required before production
– Adjust the amount of light (with the Exposure Sheet)
– The use of animation tools
– Use the Mac the Function Editor to edit the objects in animation
– The use of cameras to record the animation in different views
– Add special effects to your animations
– CMS animated objects
– Preparing Animation for Export
– Create a character animation in Toon Boom Studio
– Animation Ghost castle (Ghost Mansion)
– Conclusion
– And …