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(94/12/22) Changes:
Update to version 25.0.3647-ETC

For a game very fancy and elegant in the style of fantasy and fun strategic game ready. By installing this beautiful game can have a nice little farm at the same time bring to your Android phone to manage it. In agriculture and products to sell. In this game you must consider all the conditions of agricultural machines to the use of organic fertilizers to increase crop production. The game has graphics and beautiful fantasy, characters and more.
Note: this game needs to run at least one gigabyte of RAM, and the Internet is.
Features Games Mobile Top Farm:
– Play offline
– Experience a beautiful three-dimensional game
– Easy, free and fun
– Meet with friends and neighbors
– Open and unlock new items
Version 25.0.3647-ETC
– Fixed bugs in the system and improve overall game performance
– Collect hidden objects around the farm to get special rewards
– Special decoration to celebrate the New Year in China
– Special decoration to celebrate Carnival, Brazil