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Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus v7.0 Apk Download

Application Security and Anti-Virus Mobile Security & Antivirus

Crack with program (requires root)

A score of 4.5 on Play Store

Supplied by the famous company Trend Micro

These days, various viruses and malware in a very big dilemma for people have become. There are viruses and malware on the phone can be difficult to usability. One of the ways in which we can prevent some of these problems, the use of multiple antivirus. Mobile Security & Antivirus is a powerful and professional anti-virus for mobile phones that have been released by Trend Micro. With this Aplkyshn can protect its security against all types of malware.



  • Scan for viruses and protection of phone handsets
  • Security Scanner for Facebook
  • Storage battery and its status
  • Speed ​​memory device
  • Close programs that phone background
  • Malware is blockers
  • Cleanup types of Malware in the phone
  • Protection of smartphones and find their missing
  • Remove programs that may steal your data
  • For safe browsing and messaging filtering
  • To store energy in an intelligent manner
  • Management of phone apps

Mobile Security & Antivirus is a powerful antivirus that using it can fully protect the security of your phone. This software can detect various viruses and Malvarha and also allows users to safely surf the Web. It allows you to scan your phone and if there is any it will detect and remove the virus. Also enter any viruses received from files or via the app, allowing them to avoid the activity. It can also be used to extend battery life. Then you can get the latest version of the Android app with a direct link from the site’s top get.

Crack the program:

  1. Crack program installed and root access to it.
  2. Select the Patch option and wait for the operation to finish the patch up.

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