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Bkbvn.jyas (Backbone.js) a book home and based RESTful interface JavaScript with model-view-presenter and program design paradigm is Upon a model. Backbone.js you a Mac to write the JavaScript code in the form of structured data and information required software help pages come out from among DOM structure. Among the features of this library can be as easy, high speed, light weight, simple connection to the server can be mentioned. Backbone.js possible to without having to modify the HTML or other parts of your code, Die been able to use any engine, to define new events and also use other libraries and frameworks.
During the training, the TutsPlus Getting Started with Backbone are key features of this powerful JavaScript library, you know.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to the course
– Introduction to Data Flow (Data Flow) in Backbone
– Classes in Backbone
– Models (Models) in Backbone (create models, familiarity with the Model IDs, Model Events, Model Methods, Model Attributes)
– Set in Backbone (create categories, content management categories, the use of methods, sorting, events, etc.)
– Understanding View in Backbone (construction View, the rendering View, DOM Event Management, etc.)
– Concept routers Backbone (create and add Router, review links and content management categories)
– And …