Download Tutsplus Getting Started With Django - Django Framework training

Django (Django) a high-level framework for the Web is written by Python. The framework of the Macdesign and create a quick and easy software and web applications are created. In fact, because the framework is built using the Python language has many features of the Python language has inherited.You are a powerful means of this framework and the use of language such as Python Transit concerned and involved in security and speed, as well as such things will not connect to the database, because many of these ready functions as well as the structure of the preset Django that this feature makes in the shortest possible time, even the most complex websites and web applications to create.
In the course of teaching you the basics of Tutsplus Getting Started With Django Django, construction, manufacturing, program management, construction and Template View, connect with the database, and … you know.

Topics Education of Tutsplus Getting Started With Django:
– Arrangements Django
– Install Python and Django
– Affectation
– Getting started with Django
– Project
– Work with information and data
– Production Manager
– View and templates
– First Wave
– Export