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MATLAB (MATLAB) is a software environment for performing numerical calculations and a fourth-generation programming language. MATLAB word also means digital computing environment and programming language relevant to their means of combining the two words MATrix (matrix) and LABoratory (Lab) has been created. The name suggests a matrix-based approach Brnamhast, where even single numbers as matrix are considered.
Network Artificial Neural (Artificial Neural Network – ANN) or in simpler neural networks (Neural Networks) systems and modern computational methods for machine learning, knowledge representation, and finally apply the knowledge gained to Byshbyny output response of complex systems . The main idea of ​​the network (partly) inspired by the way biological nervous system function, to process data and information to learning and knowledge is created. A key element of this idea, the creation of new structures for information processing systems.
During the training, the Udemy Learn Neural Networks using Matlab Neural Network Toolbox is designed with the general principles of efficient use of the Toolbox in MATLAB and how you know.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to the course
– Defining Neural Network Toolbox
– Study of a neural network application
– Introduction to model neuron (Neuron models)
– Introduction to Artificial network
– Introduction to linear networks (LAN line) and linear system (linear system)
– Install the software MATLAB
– Conclusion
– And …