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Scala (Scala) is an object-oriented and functional programming language. The main objectives of the Scala language, offers scalable language for software development, agile and quick way, and away from the traditional problems in terms of agility and efficiency, some Scala together the two worlds of dynamic languages ​​(Dynamic-Type) and static ( Static-Type) know. Another reason that makes the acceptance and efficiency of this language, the grammar (Syntax) is flexible.
Now the Scala language is the only language that includes all of the following characteristics:
Free and open source, compile-time static and the Czech Republic (Type-safe), object-oriented (Object Oriented), functional (Functional), concise and flexible, has a range of books home (the Mac ‘s ease of use of Java libraries), mature and various development tools.

None of languages, Python, Ruby, C #, Java, Go, C / C ++, JavaScript and eco-systems, they do not have all the above features. In recent years, attention Corporate attracted more to the Scala. Scala maturity has caused not only the industry’s leading companies, IT (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), but also many small and large companies that are just consumers of IT products to its unique use of language and bed turn.
The period of training of Udemy Learn Scala from Scratch you the principles, functions and features of this powerful application programming languages ​​you know.

Topics include Udemy Learn Scala from Scratch:
– Introduction to the course
– Principles and basic rules of the Scala programming language
– Meet with Tuples and sets in Scala
– Classes, methods, and objects in the Scala programming language
– Data Types and Functions
– Functional objects in Scala
– Control Structure Display
– Functions and clusters in the Scala programming language
– Control abstraction
– The composition and inheritance in programming with Scala
– Hierarchy Scalas
– And …