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++ C Java language is similar to but easier object model and fewer low-level features supported. One of the fundamental features of Java is that it does memory management automatically. Reliability and performance of programs written in this language is not dependent on a specific operating system, in other words it can be run on any computer with any operating system. Java programs to bytecode compilation (compile) are, like the machine code are particularly dependent on any particular operating system.
During the training, the Udemy Projects in Java you while using a fully functional application projects with key techniques and basic functionality and powerful scripting language you know.

Headlines training of:
– Introduction to the course
– Training project to build the game in Java
– Creating Media Player in Java
– Use of the database (Database) in Java
– Workload distribution systems with Akka
– Creating a text editor in Java
– The use of Servlet
– Introduction to Maven
– Camera
– Conclusion
– And …