Download Udemy SQL Server Administration - Management Training SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server (Microsoft SQL Server) database management system software (Data Base) is setting the stage for database administrators and programmers provides up to ensure the efficiency, security and successful implementation of data and information, to build and manage their databases and large data bases. Among the features of SQL Server relational database, or Mac to use the trigger, View, Stored procedure, support for OLAP, XML, without limitation, volume and number of records, support FullText Search for speed in the game and use water information natural language search.

Volume training of Udemy SQL Server Administration consists of two parts:
Part I: to teach the basic concepts and basic information about SQL and transactions, installation and putting in place, recovery, backup, and play Abby, access and permissions and deals.
Part II: Advanced concepts in SQL Server 2014 such as indexes, the analysis of SQL Profiler, SQL Performance Monitoring, DTA, Activity monitor deadlock, partitions and deals.