Download Unity 3D Tutorial Series - Courses Unity to build a three-dimensional game
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Advanced Unity 3D Game Programming Course added!

Unity (Unity) one of the four engines play a large building. This is a very simple game engine and game development tool in Visual done more work, about 80 percent of the work is done without coding and coding is only about 20 percent of the work, that it attracts a lot of users want game has a lot of programming knowledge whatsoever.
Software Unity 3D for Mac build and work with three-dimensional environment provides. The application of three-dimensional games and 3D environments that communicates with the user in real time applications. You could say this is a powerful and professional software to design and build three-dimensional games for PC and console user interface is simple.
The courses teach the Unity 3D are key features of this powerful software application you know.

Topics teach the Unity 3D 35 Essential Training:
-Drk The game and level design theory
– Principles of Unity
– Introduction to the program interface.
– Organizing projects
– Steering Scene View
– Construction of the Object
– Turns out the Object form
– Review of the Mac animals Terrain Editor Available
– Drawing topologies
– Create Terrain Texture of
– Create forest, trees, sky, sun, fog and clouds
– Create Grass, Shrub and 3D Geometry
– Making the game
– The use of first person view (First Person Controller)
– Scripting for Games
– Write functions and use them in the game
– Work with functions Time
– The use of conditional statements to build the game (Gameplay)
– In connection with Raycasting
– Build Timer Display
– Build simple Projectile
– Improvement of Projectile
– Review of OnCollision Variable and Tag Display
– Working with the GameObject and Component
– An overview of facilities management, physical rules of the game
– Working with the Physic Component
– Making clothes for game characters
– The use of audio files
– Construction of Sound Zone
– Use sound effects
– Prefab construction and reuse of
– Coincidence of the some events
– Build a system of particles (Particle System)
– Update weapons available in the game
– An overview of the effects of water in this program
– Lighting of the Unity 3D games
– Use of Ambient Light
– Create lighting effects
– Add Flashlight
– Skinned Mesh Animation and character control
– Working with cameras and layers
– Activation Platformer Scene
– Manage the game
– Making the user interface for the game
– And …

Other Topics include:
– On a computer with Unity 3D game
– And …