Unity Professional software is comprehensive and can be used to make games and other content such as architectural projects three-dimensional video or animation in real-time three-dimensional, can be used.Unity is one of the newest and most powerful software for game development is an integrated environmentgraphics as well as the primary method for users to provide game development. WinRAR is a powerful and flexible drag and drop from the GameObject in the game and support design creates easier for you, as well as support for programming languages ​​such as C #, some useful features of the software.

A key feature of the software Unity Pro:
– WinRAR is a powerful, flexible and user with the ability to execute commands in Visual
– Tools for teamwork, the ability to direct Import files software like Max, Maya, XSI and update resources during software implementation and development of the game
– Using the latest technology in graphics to speed up rendering, DirectX and OpenGL to use all features
– Executive Producer output Exe few clicks
– The output of the Web, the console, the iPhone and the Mac Yntash
– Using the latest techniques in dynamic lighting and shading support
– Using the latest Shydrhay graphics, book Shydrhay house full of usable user’s ability to write new Shydrhay
– Inner Terrain engine for creating terrain, vast environments Outdoor and mountains and hills and texture features like automatic layout and coloring objects in the environment
– Protocol support network
– Full support Physx physics engine nVidia product
– Support for languages ​​C # and Javascript java script and boo
– And the …