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IBM Connections is a software ( network ) that can be used in the activities of the professional community and your business to be considered as a useful tool. What IBM Connections as the objective pursued, enabling different companies to boost creativity and also a Mac to it as a fast and dynamic communication between partners, employees, partners and customers. The IBMA Connections, a social software for business that enables you to create a network of partners and experts, to discuss ideas, work collectively on presentations or proposals, images or files they shared, and the design and project follow.IBM Connections program is a powerful online tools to provide their users with a variety of businesses and facilities provided. The social network has managed in a short time among experts and activists from different fields to attract the attention of many.

During the training, the Up and Running with IBM Connections are key features of this software will learn powerful social.

Topics include:
– Create and update profile
– Access contacts and corporate directory
– Add Applications, Activities (Activities), chat and To Do Lists
– Upload, share and sync files
– Setting up a virtual community and adding blogs, galleries, events and surveys
– And …