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SlideShare (SlideShare) is one of the largest presentation sharing websites and is known as one of the most important tools for productivity. The popularity of this Website on YouTube PowerPoint presentation so that it is said. Create a free account on the website using the free account can have a custom channel on SlideShare presentations created and shared promptly paid. Allows users to share presentations and documents with others. Any format that can be provided can be shared on SlideShare and many people use it to share K-Map Mac , certificates, series of Nmvnhkar, presentations, marketing and sales and use.The site of PDF files, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, Kynvt and iwork support and also to upload videos so that they are playable provides personal profile.

Users who your documents on SlideShare Barmygzarnd this or Mac it that brought it public or private. It is also possible to add audio capabilities to the documents there. The result can be in the form of flash files with other users to embed YouTube style, and anyone who can provide access to the browser with Flash plugin in your browser view.
During the training, the Up and Running with Slideshare you key feature of this site useful and powerful you know.

Topics include:
– Getting started with SlideShare
– Create an account on the website SlideShare
– Find content
– Interact with different
– Upload from PC or the cloud
– Adding video to presentations SlideShare
– Marketing SlideShare
– And …