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Adobe After Afkts software (Adobe After Effects) is one of the most powerful means of two-dimensional animation and cinematic special effects in the world wide revolution in attitudes towards and television animation is created. The software Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier and coordination with adobe audition is high. In fact, Adobe After Effects software to build a cinematic special effects and graphics are animated. The software can be different in the making of the film , cartoons, videos, mobile and the Internet , or on the video and enjoy your video files in different formats, create interesting effects and add their beauty and then convert your idea into reality.

Film education Kvpylvt the video (Video Copilot) in Aftrafkt, one of the most comprehensive and most professional training available in the form of various techniques of working with software projects After Effects users to learn.

Headlines training of:
01- Foundations of Sky Replacement
02- Deinterlacing in AE
03- Effect movie old
04- Introduction to Aftrafkt
05- camera shake with Wiggler
06- combine 3D Basics
07 Delete advanced Nqvs
08- text effects
09- speed with proxies Aftrafkt
10. Principles of Color Keying
11. Introduction to HDRI and 32bpc
12. Slide fast and beautiful
13- Assisted Suicide
14- Bleach Bypass simple
15 simulates depth of field
16. Creating a Flip-Book effect
17. The three-dimensional reflections in effect be longs
18. streaks of light
19. The frame rate converter (Frame Rate Converter)
20- Light Sabers Version 1 and Version 2
21. simulate light effects
22: Fun with Ink Spatter
23. The three-dimensional lines
24. leak blood on a tree!
25 streaks of light
26. Control earthquake 32bpc!
27. create an engaging 3D room as well!
28. Moving to the gun after firing, as quite realistic
29. fast as the speed of the movement of the ramp
30. 3D Stroke Effect with no Plug
31 failed to reflect 3D!
32. Create a 3D ocean
33- Graffiti Writing
34. Flight Titles
35. turbulent text
36. Stop Time
37- 3D Camera Projection
38- 3D Camera Projection 2
39- Vanishing Point Three Dimensional
40. Zoom land
41. Blue Planet
Advanced 42- Sky Replacement
43. Dave looks like
44 turns day to night
45. Extension of regulation
46 photos of the three-dimensional virtual
47. Sound for Animation
47.5- text in 3DS Max 3D
47.6- 3D titles in Cinema 4D!
48- P1, P2, P3. Medical Zoom 01-03
48- P4. Riot Gear Promo Title
49 Magical Glass
50 removable skin
51. Preview evolution
52 dead planet
53 Planet explosion
54 Advanced camera tricks
55. Replace the eye
56. Man Mac Chshk three-dimensional
57 water drops
58. The title Fantasy
59 frozen breath
60. Healer
61 branches of the three-dimensional growing
62 colorful world
63 smoke screen
64 stabilization of shaky videos
65 AE Bump Map
66 As Sparks 3D
Advanced Car Hit 67
68 Energy
3D Offset 69
70 fast particles
71 shades 3D
72 fall of meteorites 3D p1
73 meteors falling AE P2
74- 3D- span P1 (the Boujou)
75- 3D- opening P2 (3DS MAX)
76- P3 3D openings (AE)
77 take the soul
78 Clean Energy
79 mesh organic 3D MAX
80- 3D Falloff
81 rotating orbs
82 titles energetic
83- Preset and more
84- HUD future
85 Ring
86- fracture design
87 in 3D
89 soft shadow 3D MAX
90 old titles
91- DVD Authoring
92 clear outline
93- Casting light, three-dimensional
94 bit explosion
95 this stage lighting
96 submerged (Submerged)
97 Lightning
97- P2- explosion of light, Part 2
98 plug-reflection
99 dynamic bar charts
100- orbs of glass
101- The purpose of the 2
102 Smoke trails
103 three-dimensional distribution of the ball
104- Shatterize
105- edge three-dimensional
106 animation of a Still
107 Green Smoke
108 shades of particles
109 Freezing Time
110- Depth Charge
111 blast wave
Tracking Magic 112
113 light shine
114- Stroke FX
115- Interview with Galaxy
116 decay process
117 modified script written
118- Attached three-dimensional adjustment
119- Demon Cam: A Look Inside
120 Portal
Advanced 121- Soft Keying
122- Epic Shatter
123 Series Dynamic
The magical 124
125 grenade launcher
126- Mid-Air Emergency!
127 Forest
Engine 128 animation elements Element Animation Engine
129 logo Biohazard
130 three-dimensional Rplykytvr
131- 3D Truck Composite
132- level of Alien (Alien Surface)
133- combined depth
134 animated display
135- scope simulation
136- Metro City
137- Sin City