Oracle Corporation product called VirtualBox  is it allows users to use multiple virtual operating systems to the user. The software and operating system virtual ultra-high speed applications, and the user does not feel that  or a virtual operating system. It supports a variety of operating systems including Linux, Windows, and … fully supported. Enough disk space to be allocated to the virtual operating system software to be installed.

A key feature of VirtualBox:
– Low volume than similar software
– Full support for all versions of  , including Windows 7
– Support for Operating Systems
– Speed ​​of loading operating system
– Ability to establish  among major operating systems and virtual
– Use all the hardware resources such as an optical drive, floppy drive, etc.
– Ability to connect to the
– Ability to install the OS on image
– Adjustable disk space, RAM,  , etc.
– The i of a virtual operating system
– Easy to use software
– Free software is
– And …