VirtualBox product called Oracle software that allows users to use multiple virtual operating systems to the user. The software applications and operating systems in virtual load is extremely high, and the user does not feel that the Windows operating system or virtual. It supports a variety of platforms, including Linux, Windows, and full support. It is enough disk space allocated to the virtual operating system software to be installed.

A key feature of the software VirtualBox:
– Low volume than similar software
– Full support for all versions of Windows , including Windows 7
– Supports a variety of operating systems
– Speed ​​of loading platforms
– Ability to establish a network among major operating systems and virtualization
– The use of hardware resources such as optical drives, floppy drives, etc.
– Connectivity to the Internet
– Ability to install the operating system image
– Adjustable disk space, RAM, graphics and …
– The image of a virtual operating system
– Easy to use software
– Free software
– And the …