Download Visual Studio 2010 Essential Training - Learning Visual studio 2010

Open Visual Studio, a software developed for computer programmers is produced by MicroSoft software company. The main focus of the first versions of the software that has the feature of the IDE that allows developers to separate applications, web sites, web applications and web services on a number of PlatForm supported by the Microsoft .NET Framework (Of course, for all versions of Visual Studio 6) as well as the Platform such as Microsoft Windows servers and workstations, PocketPC Smartphones and easily create the World Wide Web browsers run. The added functionality in the latest version of Silverlight is provided can be noted that a Web Application framework for developing advanced softwareapplications are Web-based.

During the training, the Visual Studio 2010 software with basic functionality and powerful programming key are familiar.

Headlines training of:
– Create a Visual Studio project
– User interface
– Connect to the RSS feed
– Programming with IntelliSense
– Create rich applications online with Silverlight
– Build applications for Windows with Windows Forms
– Integration with SQL Server
– Work with Microsoft Office programs
– The development of knowledge in Visual Studio
– Work with the data, ADO.NET and Dytast
– The use of source control