Traditionally, the only way to connect to another computer using the cable in addition to the efforts of many, many physical limitations for the users, but using Wi-Fi technology to computers and other digital devices, such as mobile , tablets, digital cameras, TV, printer and no wires attached to each other or in other words, you can create a wireless network. WiFi (Wi-Fi) the name of a popular wireless networking technology that uses radio waves for a high-speed connection to or the network provides. One of the misconceptions about Wi-Fi stands for wireless fidelity, is that it is wrong, it is actually a registered trademark of the WiFi standard is IEEE 802.11x wireless. WiFi as a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. It’s WiFi, it defines a wireless LAN (WLAN) based on the 802.11 standards, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is established. Wi-Fi connectivity for wireless Internet users are more fascinating because by works and allows users to connect to internet any place in the Laptop.
WiFi HotSpot Creator is Free, you can use it with your PC or laptop into a hotspot Wai Wai convert.

This has very few configuration options, so both experts and beginners can easily use it. This software is very easy to work with everyone and very little use of system resources and has a very high velocity. HotSpot Creator is one of the easiest ways to turn your PC into a WiFi router is.

Key Features of Software WiFi HotSpot Creator:
– Turn your PC or laptop into a hotspot Wow Wow
– Easy configuration process and have very little configuration options
– Easy and usable by all people of all levels of experience
– Speed ​​up
– Use a very small amount of system resources
– One of the easiest ways to turn your PC into a WiFi router
– Compatible with different versions of
– And …