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Windows 10 (Windows 10), codenamed threshold / beginning (sour, Inc. or Threshold) the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system family of Windows 8. 1 is considered.
Cortana digital assistant like Siri in iOS and Google Now on Android phones this time associated in the Windows 10 Start button on the taskbar next to used as a search box. Do Start Page (Start screen) touch in there, but right field to display a shortcut and click “All Programs» (All apps) is. Start menu (Start Menu) as part of the desktop interface like Windows 7 but younger, live tiles and applications with modern user interface will be subsumed in the Start menu search Hnchnyn Added section that allows the addition information and files in your computer, the Internet also pay to search.

Windows 10 from a new web rendering engine inside it as «Edge» is mentioned uses. Run on Windows 10 as the default browser on the computer and the mobile service. Microsoft Edge Motor «Edge» which has been split from Trident engine “for the main characteristics of Mac Erie with modern web “design.New engine «Edge» by default in Windows 10 is used throughout, including the Internet Explorer Web pages that can be rendered in the former MSHTML engine. Internet Explorer continues to work with Microsoft components.
The features listed above are only some of the features of Windows 10. In terms of education, the Windows 10 Turorial Series you with functionality and powerful new features of the operating system are familiar.

Topics include Windows 10 Essential Training:
– Installation or upgrade to Windows 10
– Internet connection
– Setting up, leave and managed applications
– Creating, copying, moving and renaming files and folders
– Compression and unzip files
– Use Cortana to search
– Browse the web using Edge
– Send e-mail
– Install new applications
– Share files in network home
– Backup & Play Blue Files
– Configure Windows updates
– Use Windows Defender
– And …

Other training courses:
– Learn new features of Windows 10
– And …