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Windows 8.1 24IN1 AIO x64-Bit English-US (Pre-Activated)

The new Windows

Discover new ways to work and play with Windows 8.1.

What’s new in Windows 8.1?

Start faster

The Start button has returned to the taskbar—tap or click to get to Start. If you prefer, you can now go straight to the desktop when you sign in. And use the same background for both your desktop and Start. Plus, see all your apps at a glance in the new all-apps view.

Search everywhere

With Bing Smart Search you can search once and see everything—from the web, or the settings, files, and apps on your PC—and act on search results right away. Play a song, call a friend, open an app, or get to your favorite site. Just search and do.

Multitask with apps

Chat while gaming, shop while watching, or work while listening. Whether you’re on a PC or a tablet, you can always multitask. Depending on screen size, you can see up to four apps at once and you can switch between them easily.

Get more apps

In the redesigned Windows Store, you’ll discover apps built only forWindows 8.1, new community favorites, and personalized recommendations. This update also gives you some great new built-in apps like Reading List and Health & Fitness. And now you’ll be able to install your apps on all your tablets and PCs running Windows 8.1.

Use it your way

On your Start screen, there are more tile sizes, more color options, and animated backgrounds. On your lock screen, you can see a slide show of your favorite photos, and answer Skype calls, and take photos—all without unlocking your PC.

Power down fast

New tablets and PCs

Find your own size, color, price, and style. With this range of choices, you’ll find a perfect match.

New tablets are versatile and stylish, blazing fast and ultra light. Laptops and 2‑in‑1 PCs with snap-in keyboards give you speed and power with complete portability. All-in-one desktops offer bigger displays for both serious productivity and serious play.

8-inch tablet
8-inch tablet

Tips and tricks

Get into the flow with your Windows 8.1 tablet or PC. We’ve got videos and tutorials to get you tapping, clicking, and zooming along like a pro.

Windows Start screen

Windows 8.1 Update

There’s a brand new, free update to Windows 8.1. See what’s changed and find out if you’re running the latest version.

A tablet running Windows 8.1 Update.






Windows 8.1 24IN1 AIO x64-Bit English-US Pre-Activated [DaRT 8.1 Updated June-25-2014 v2]

*No Windows 8.1 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
*No Programs are added to Windows.
*No Registry Settings were modified.
*No Unattended Settings were added to the ISO.

These RTM Sources are the final Build 9600

Installation Indexes:
Windows 8.1 (Core) / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 (Core) N / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 (Core) Single Language / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro N / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro VL / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro N VL / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 Pro WMC / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 Enterprise / KMS-Activated
Windows 8.1 Enterprise N / KMS-Activated
Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro / KMS-Activated
Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Enterprise / KMS-Activated

Language: en-US (English – United States)

SetupComplete.cmd phase (Pre-Activated indexes only):
Defender exclusion key for AutoKMS
Warning.vbs short 8s non-genuine notification
AutoKMS activation

-NetFx 4.5.2
-Windows 8.1 with Update MSDN/ESD download
-Highly compressed ESD format.
-DaRT 8.1 integrated into boot.wim recovery options.
-UEFI bootdata in addition to BIOS bootdata
-Diskpart/apply script with recovery image and multi-boot support v1.2.4*
*To access, press shift-f10 during boot-setup and type: MENU

-EI.CFG is present. *You will need to extract the iso and delete this
file to upgrade from a previous version of Windows*. You will also want to
allow setup to download updates during upgrade process.

-Please tell me if this version fixes your issues with installs on x64
platforms. I’ve tested all indexes personally without any problems, but
I have limited hardware to test on. This feedback is important.

-Re-examined winre optional dart stuff and I’ve restored the stock
Winre.wim from each index so that none of the file attributes or
ACL permissions are modified in any way. Perhaps this will help
solve the rare boot-install error.
-There is a weird connection with dism and file attributes and properties.
It’s hard to explain, but during my early testing with winre stuff, I
noticed that improper file attributes would make a mount folder unable to
unmount. It could be as simple as not deleting files that were previously
differently attributed, or it could be indicative of a larger problem.

-Removed sxs folder. Use the online script in the scripts folder to add
netfx 2-3.5.1 – The sxs folder only adds build 9600 base. The online
version adds the additional files to bring it up to 9600.17031. It should
also add any necessary language information for the feature.
-AutoCRC on the ISO to standardize to crc32: FFFFFFFF
-Added Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro and Enterprise*
*These Embedded versions are the same as their Pro VL or Enterprise
counterparts except that they do not have any APPX modern apps installed
and they have an iSKU feature package and gVLK installed by default.
-Added KB2969339 new servicing stack update to all boot/winre/install
images and upped the scratchspace to 256megs from the default 32megs.
The extra scratchspace just uses a little more ram for the ramdrive so
you can store things on the X: ram drive during winre or boot.





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