Evolved version of Windows 8 Windows 8.1 which was released in 2013. The main changes in this can be pointed out that the lack of interest of the user interface in Windows 8 Metro interface is placed in the margin, and users are redirected after Windows loads directly to the Desktop.

With support for high-resolution displays with products such as Microsoft Surface Pro is finally able to compete with Apple and Google in the market and pay. New features include a return to the Start button in Windows 8.1, Interface Search and changes to the user interface and new programs like Facebook and Flipboard and other customization features. You can have animated wallpapers and screensavers for any image that you like.

– New user interface (Metro) for touchscreen
– Browser  Explorer 11
– User login using the Image
– The new Task Manager
– Setting up Windows using USB
– Support for multiple monitors
– Supports USB3
– Supports ARM architecture in addition to Intel and AMD
– New Start Page
– Ability to restore the operating system to factory settings
– New file system ReFS
– Support for Near field communication (NFC)
– Support for RAID 1 and RAID 5 technology
– Added the Ribbon bar in Windows Explorer, such as Microsoft Office 2010
– Ability to open files in ISO, IMG and VHD

Remove the AIO version of the site:
Version of Windows 8.1 that was months ago at a site known as Windows 8.1 AIO, including 24 different versions of Windows 8.1, all of which offer a complete package to be updated every month, but it was always a lot of problems, it was decided be removed from the site to the version that went on to explain the problems described.

1. Failure to install the 88%:
A few months after the release of this package was found that the windows for some users, about 88% of the installation process, there was an error message that prevents the installation of Windows would be a lot of effort To fix this problem tried to make the package was constructors a definitive solution, but it became clear that the problem is rooted in their own windows and to summarize this problem will neverbe solved, at least until the company Microsoft Rahkar this problem is a better for use.
The result was a temporary solution to this problem was introduced and a script was written during the Windows installation by pressing the F10 key to run and the Windows installation temporary solution to the problem was and was another way to be the most Never mind It would use this script to the user disk space inevitably be erased and all user data is lost.

It should be noted that the previous package ofe installed without a problem for most users, but for some it was an issue.

As previously mentioned, the Zune Windows was just released and foreign manufacturers who are a month to update them and the Persian language, Trojans and other download sites, only the edition of Windows.
This means that even if you still have Windows 8.1 AIO download from other sites, it is difficult.

2. In the absence of application:
Previous versions of Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 AIO pack includes in principle to meet users’ needs and interests in Iran, but unfortunately they had built up and only confuses the users.
For example, versions of «N» Europe offered only for EU countries that lack the means to play audio and video files, and install it in any justification.
Or versions of Embedded Industries is built only in industrial systems and industrial applications and has absolutely no sense to use them for home users.

Exclusive package introduced Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center + Enterprise PC Download:
After the creation of the problems described in the Trojans decided to get ourselves to work, and the package has no previous problems, which went on to explain in detail that.

1. Put the most functional version of Windows 8.1:
Windows 8.1 is generally offered in the 4th edition:
1. Core
2. Professional
3. Professional with Media Center
4. Enterprise

In  you can also see the differences between the various editions of the complete summary, Enterprise Edition and Professional versions of Windows 8.1 in terms of features, it is just ahead on theEnterprise Edition and Professional with Media Center is located Both versions are applied in all Member needs to fix it.

The introduction of version Professional with Media Center:
Professional with Media Center Edition Professional Edition is similar, except that the Media Center multimedia capabilities and more attended than the other versions.

Windows Media Center (Windows Media Center) is a digital video recorder and media player that was developed by Microsoft, Windows Media Center software that allows you to record and playback images broadcast live on television and also the user the organization . Windows Media Center can video, picture and slide the hard drive, optical drive, or place on  display.

In summary, this version is suitable for all home users and great features.

Introduced version of Enterprise:
Enterprise Edition is the most complete and most advanced version of Windows 8.1 with the same features and attributes, Professional version has more features than most of which are related to the network and the Internet, and for large companies and organizations specialized needs is more appropriate.

Among the most important features of the Enterprise Edition can include:
– Windows To Go: Windows feature that allows the user to run directly from the disc memory, such as Flash Memory (Boot) does.

– DirectAccess: a feature that allows the system administrator to get connected to the Internet, an intranet, a local area network launch.

– BranchCache: technologies and tools for optimizing wide area networks (WAN) for network administrators.

The only disadvantage is that the Enterprise Edition to Professional with Media Center Windows Media Center in the program and in other advanced features it has.

The final result is that the two versions meet the needs of users and the need to accumulate 24 different versions.

Professional with Media Center Edition as the best version for home users and people who work in the fields of multimedia and Enterprise Edition for organizations or businesses that features a stronger need for users of their operating system who want to become maximum efficiency recommonded .

2. Having the latest updates:
A package which includes all updates released for Windows 8.1 is facing up to date, and is 2 to 3 Persian date Dey 1393 when installing all the updates and the updates are installed automatically.

3. No need to enter the serial number and activation Windows Easy:
Each installation of Windows at no stage does not enter the Product Key Windows is installed automatically on Channel Volume VL or after installation using Windows can be given that the perfectly legal way KMS activation activation, Enterprise Edition for 180 days and Professional with Media Center Edition will be active for 45 days and this period will be extended automatically and is constantly active and legitimate short stays Windows forever.

4. Without any manipulation:
Windows made without any tampering with any file from within Windows or to add a little originality has since been placed for Zune download packages is very important, as a result we have tried to in precisely the same style of Windows their original offer.

5. With the latest versions of Microsoft .NET Framework:
Problem of the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 on Windows 8 and Windows 8, everyone is clear on the lack of such programs is enabled by default are aware of the troubles of its own and if it is not enabled, most applications to not work properly.

Placed in the windows, the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is enabled by default and can be used immediately after installation and no need to install or download any other means, as well as the latest version of this program is 4.5.2 (with All updates released) have been placed.

6. appropriate final volume:
In presenting the new Microsoft Windows technology called «Electronic Software Download» or «ESD» Windows application that makes up the final volume is reduced dramatically while the level of information security and assurance of the authenticity of Windows Why All files are encrypted.

The result is that both 32 and 64 bit versions of the Windows easily on a regular DVD (4.7 GB) can burn and use, and download them to spend less time is required.

7. Compatibility with new laptops with full support from EFI:
64-bit version of Windows are completely supported from EFI technology and installation of the new system UEFI BIOS and the old systems and enables the user to install the Windows on the latest laptops are.