One of the current concerns of users of Windows 8, helpful and full use of the operating system. The Machas the software installed on it is not working properly and are sometimes slow and reduce its quality.Windows 8 Manager is a powerful software tool for setting, optimizing, and clean up Windows 8. This software includes more than 30 tools to improve performance and increase efficiency and enhance the security of Windows 8. By this software with one click all the software and hardware information, see your system. Optimize and speed up and clean up your registry, manage Startup, freeing disk space by removing unnecessary files, duplicate and edit settings menu to increase the speed and efficiency, security and cleaning Leaders registry, passwords, personal data, settings optimized network speed network connections for the features of the software. 7 tab in the embedded software is selected, it will be visible features of each part separately. The software on the 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 is easily installed.

Key Features Software Windows 8 Manager:
– Find all the information, software and hardware
– Ability to speed up the Internet
– Optimize and speed up the clean registry
– Ability to increase the speed of Start Up and Shutdown System
– Startup Manager
– Free hard disk space by deleting junk files, content, duplicate, etc.
– Edit the settings menu
– Change icons of drives and drive peripherals such as Flash Memory
– Secure and clean registry keys, passwords and personal information
– Optimize the configuration of the network for speed network connections
– The MAC Access to boot
– Can be installed on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

– And the …