Microsoft operating systems are already in default of a powerful firewall own benefit, but unfortunately it for free from very simple user interface for creating rules for the communication program, and in some not enjoy From time to do this configuration is complicated. Windows Firewall Control is a useful little program that the firewall in Windows to expand and quick access to frequently used options in the Windows Firewall in Windows to provide regular and simple. It is then run on Windows tray and allows users to suck it easier and easier to use than the Windows Firewall without a lot of time to spend working with Windows Firewall.

A key feature of the software Windows Firewall Control:
– Only a small executable file
– Full support for carrying out the tasks of a standard user account
– Intuitive interface and easy availability in the system tray
– Allowing or denying access to the Internet with one click
– Shell integration, context menu, right-click the executable file
– Fast and direct access to edit the firewall Windows interface program
– The Mac the game Abbey settings