Download Windows Phone SDK Essential Training - education programming for Windows Phone platform and SDK Tools to help

Windows Mobile is a compact operating system composed of a set of basic applications are portable devices. Devices that have the ability to run Windows Mobile include Pocket PCs, smart phones, mobile multimedia devices Tvbvrd computers to cars.
After viewing this course of education you can simply use the available tools and SDK to produce applications for your Windows Phone platform.

Windows Phone SDK training course to learn basic functionality and key powerful language.

Headlines training of:

Training began programming Windows Phone SDK:
– The download and installation tools needed for programming Windows Phone
– Creating a simple application for Windows Phone
– Install Zune Software

Leadership Training user interface Windows Phone:
– An overview of the capabilities Device
– Understanding concepts and how to use the Emulator

Basics of Windows Phone SDK:
– The basics of Windows Phone SDK

Creating a unit converter are:
– Introduction to requirements
– Creating a User Interface
– The answer to the Application Bar
– Implementing key management
– The storage and loading settings
– The preparation of the application for release

Training Sonnet are:
– Introduction to the Sonnet
– Education Topics bound data in Silverlight
– Overview of the Model-View-ViewModel pattern
– Implementing general pattern component (Master-Detail)
– Implementing patterns using Master-Detail Pages
– Education loading external data

Implementing sustainability in a Mac to Isolated Storage:
– The multiple choice Controller
– Training for the Persistence
– The Data Model Update
– Creating Detail Pages
– Training of all lessons
– The copy of a Windows Phone
– Using SQL CE
– The Data Model Update
– Bazjst training and update of the Database

Training commands the camera:
– Working with the camera
– Familiarity with GPS
– An overview of the possible Accelerometer

Creating a management program notes:
– Introduction to storage and run with the help of XNA
– The voice recording
– The list of recording of a program
– Management training has been recording music list

Creating an application with twitter:
– Creating a User Interface
– The possibility of using WebClient
– The description of Network Connectivity
– Education level Internet Explorer
– The addition of a Live Tile
– Creating a Background Agent