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WordPress (WordPress) and content management system source software game that is widely used by bloggers to write websites and blogs used and was founded by Matt Mullenweg. In fact, WordPress is a content management system for websites and blogs for the content of the training of commercial, scientific and social sites as well as the ability to create powerful extensions such as buddypress. Create forums extension bbpress, and has written a programming language PHP and MySQL are supported by.Postgresql version is also available for this system is completely free and open source quickly and make significant progress has become the most popular tool is hosted on the blog and website.
WordPress training courses you with all the features, the Mac animals and learn WordPress tools.

Courses for training of:
– The principles of WordPress
– Create a portfolio online (Online Portfolio) by WordPress
– Dreamweaver and WordPress sites for mobile devices
– Dreamweaver and WordPress Theme News
– Dreamweaver and WordPress core concepts
– Beginning with the theme: Portfolio Creative WordPress
– Beginning with the theme: Style Magazine (Magazine Styles) in WordPress
– Beginning with the theme: Video Blogs (Video Blogs) WordPress
– WordPress 3: Creating themes for children (Building Child Themes)
– WordPress 3: Creating, editing and customization themes
– WordPress 3: Development of web security
– WordPress eCommerce: basic concepts
– WordPress Theme reaction
– WordPress: Create and customize widgets and plugins with PHP
– WordPress plugins: Contact form
– Plugin for WordPress backup site
– WordPress custom post types and their classification
– Useful Tips for WordPress development: remove comments (Comments) spam in the database
– WordPress plugins: Analytics
– Adobe Dreamweaver and WordPress CC 3.8: Key Concepts
– Custom themes (skins) WordPress
– Useful Tips for WordPress development: Use Fonts Web Exclusive
– WordPress Plugin: Social media buttons
– Plugin for WordPress Custom Fields
– Installation of WordPress Windows Azure
WordPress eCommerce : WooCommerce
– Use Genesis for WordPress
– Custom WordPress themes with Genesis
– Plugin for WordPress SEO
– Useful Tips for WordPress development: Add Category Photo Display
– Build a WordPress theme with Underscores
– WordPress Solutions Mobile
– And …