As you know Microsoft products like other companies  the ability to update online via the  , there were no differences in between is the type of the product. Microsoft is known for having a powerful operating system, has reached this position, the main program is installed on a computer to update its significance is more important than any other software. Unfortunately, because of problems in Iran, including the use of unauthorized copies of Windows and Internet speed is too low, the  and installed Windows updates as it should, and probably does not exist. The key to solving this problem is in the hands of WSUS Offline Update software. He is in this way that the software works by connecting to Microsoft’s update servers, and all updates to detect new patches and  them, you help once and for all the updates to download the After replacing or reinstalling Windows you should get back all their limitations, do not worry. Microsoft Windows has not only limited the ability to download updates and you’ll be updated with the most popular products of this company are included in the Microsoft Office format as well as offline download.