Xilinx Vivado Design Suite is a that is powerful companies to design Xilinx FPGA, the Xilinx 7 Series is established. In previous versions of the software that was provided with the ISE software while independently and with the  special and Abundant resources and capabilities are also offered. Vivado Design Suite for large systems design and built environment that is based on the use of IP Core and the system is built. In terms of speed stages, nearly 4 times faster than the ISE. Currently the only series of IC for Xilinx 7 support. ISE is a fundamental difference in the speed with which Vivado Design Suite software implementation on FPGA, which is faster than the ISE. The artificial intelligence algorithms to embed or Wiring or Fitting and wiring circuit is used, it is more efficient, ie inside the FPGA circuit formed by the reduction in delay and many other parameters are better.

Key features of Xilinx Vivado Design Suite:
– An environment similar to the ISE
– An environment based on the use of IP Core Systems
– Support for Multicore Systems
– Increased rate of about 4 times
– 20% better compression design
– Speed ​​up integration
– Integrated design environment for the design and simulation
– Debugging hardware
– And …