Download XML Essential Training + Real-World XML - language training in my X L

Technology create XML or eXtensible Markup Language (eXtensible Markup Language) is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most essential steps must take into account that in the course of solving the problem of scalability in the Internet is modern. Currently, a variety of levels, and many aspects of the use of XML in most areas and structures of the Internet today is truly amazing, almost all Web services technologies,graphics Scalable Vector, RDF, and much more, is accepted only with XML. In fact, XML is one of the most popular media Share data between different platforms, especially for use on the Web and the Internet. The most basic and most essential task of the XML language, speech, drama and dominated in the data.

In the education of your XML with basic functionality and key language learn powerful applications.

Headlines training of:
– How to get started in XML
– Familiarity with the technologies related to XML
– The basic rules of XML XML in education
– Documents in XML
– How to work with XML and CSS
– Tag in XML with CSS styling in a comprehensive XML tutorial
– The combination of an XML file with a CSS Style sheet
– Mqydsazy Data or Data Binding in Internet Explorer and XML
– Training and the definition of the Data Island and tying it to a Layout in XML
– The application of the DOM to manipulate XML files
– Tutorial XML and XPath in XML
– XML ​​with XSLT styling
– Create a Document Type Definition
– Elements of a DTD
– Familiarity with SAX or the Simple API for XML
– Training Tools or Tools
– And …