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Zend Studio v12.0.2 x86 / x64 – Software programming in PHP

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One of the PHP programming language software Zend Studio is. This product developers and manufacturers PHP code development and debugging functionality of the code is written. Features such as a change in the code, the code increases, and semantic analysis of the MAC instants the programmer to develop the coding helps. Other notable features of the IDE functionality debugging and testing a program written more quickly, and increase inspection capabilities such as code, debug from a distance on the server to the local and the ensure code written to run correctly. It helps to increase team collaboration capabilities, this software supports the management structure of the source code and set joint projects within the team to give users.

Key features of the software Zend Studio:
– Appropriate in PHP IDE
– Sample code and projects
– Coding standard formats
– Ability to increase the code MVC method.
– Ability to delete files and folders
– Ability to rename classes, functions, variables
– Feature extraction methods and variables
– Rapid analysis and debugging code
– Rapid creation of new files
– Support for PHP 4 and PHP 5.X
– Syntax colored
– Internal browser
– Override feature functions
– Ability to search for text in the template
– Search and replace in files
– Supports Java scripting language
– Support for HTML and CSS
– Debug PHP code
– Remote debugging servers
– Manage Web Servers
– SSL connections
– Classification of functions and methods
– Provide error report instantly
– Visibility problems.
– Search on PHP elements
– Ability to run unit tests
– Systems for remote SFTP, FTP, SSH
– Filter and stack trace
– Automatic Identification Zend Server
– Visibility servers
– List of events Zend Server
– Debugging with Zend Server events
– MAC quick debugging mechanism
– Ability to communicate with the database
– JDBC drivers Complex
– Editor Search
– Control Code
– If a group project settings
– The ability to vary the gallery code Zend, RSS reader
– And the …

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